Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Facing Jesus' Tour with Karen

Karen Smith of Huntsville, Alabama recently experienced being a Pilgrim with "Facing Jesus" and her account really moved me!  Thank you, Karen for sharing it and Jesus' spirit in such awesome ways!

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had with the Facing Jesus Tour painting. I

decided before the painting ever arrived that I thought I would approach

this a little differently and I did. I decided that in an effort to remind
myself that Jesus is not something to put on a shelf and think about when it
is convenient, that I would take the painting with me wherever I went. I was
hoping that the Lord would use this to remind me that He is with me always
in every situation that I find myself on a daily basis.

I am a school teacher (8th grade) so I took the painting with me to school
and sat it on my desk for a couple of days. One of my greatest challenges is
to remember that Middle School boys are made in the image of God! I am
kidding, sort of, but not only did the students ask lots of questions about
the painting (which I answered), but I found myself looking at it when I
would get frustrated with a student. It really helped remind me that even
though they are difficult at times, Jesus loves them as much as anyone else!
This has helped me to stop throughout the day and pray for them, and myself
: )

I also took the painting with me to our Small Group Bible Study. It is a
couples study and we are studying the book " Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. I
actually sat the painting next to me during the discussion. At first no one
quite knew what to make of it but after I explained what I was doing, we had
a huge discussion about how we could all remind each other throughout the
week that Jesus is present with us in every situation. This started a new
dynamic in our group, where we periodically e-mail the whole group
throughout the week with reminders of God's love and care for us. It started
with one of the guys scanning in the image of the painting and e-mailing it
to everyone in the group.

We have continued to send group e-mails throughout the week to encourage one
another and remind each other of Jesus presence in our everyday lives.
Thanks Carole for this wonderful project and a chance to reflect on Jesus!


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