Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The First Tour Stop

"Facing Jesus" has finished its first stop!  I had the pleasure of allowing the first Pilgrims to be my friends Angela & David McKenzie.  David had just come home from his Emmaus Walk the night before I delivered the painting.  It was such a blessing to me to hear all about his Walk experience and to also know that he would get to spend his next days with a yet another unique presence of Jesus.  Here are their thoughts:


 Thank you so much for letting our family participate in the ‘Jesus’ painting.   I have been so fortunately blessed with an awesome family and to have this painting as part of our ‘family’ room for the past two weeks has really brought focus to our lives on not only why we are blessed but particularly by whom. The painting has been comforting in times of quiet meditation, reflection and prayer – as Angela has mentioned, Jesus’ eyes burst with an openness that seems to transcend the everyday world.

Again, we are grateful for you sharing this painting – we hope the journey is as wonderful for others as it has been for us.

Thanks again,



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