Monday, June 8, 2009

2nd Tour Stop!

Kelly Cain and her family had "Facing Jesus" this past couple of weeks, and I'm thrilled to share with you what she said about her experience with the painting.  I have been so thrilled about this ministry, and I want it to grow and spread to more and more people as each new Pilgrim has the painting.  Please share with people and encourage them to "follow" the blog as it will be a ministry to everyone in some way!  Thank you in advance for doing that!  Here are words from Kelly and her precious family:

Once again thank you so much for doing this ministry, this has been a wonderful blessing for my family and has put us a step in the direction that I have prayed that it would. With our family being so busy with two working parents, three school aged kids, and the activities we weren't putting God in our daily lives. Having the "Facing Jesus" painting in our home has definately brought my relationship with God so much closer than it has ever been. I chose to place the painting on our foyer table because we are in and out so much and that table is what we see when we arrive home and when we are leaving,  the table is also in our living room, where, when we have the time to sit, the painting is in our viewing area. Being a pilgrim on the "Facing Jesus" tour has done for me and my family exactly as I had hoped it would, even though we aren't 100% there, it has given us the foundation to grow on to become a healthy christian family. We have Faced Jesus every day for the past few weeks, the presence has brought Jesus into our daily lives reminding us to always try to live by his word, praise Him everyday and know that we are wealthy of all of God's love.

Gratefully Yours,

Kelly Cain & Family


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