Sunday, April 26, 2009

All 20 Pilgrims!

Here is the final list of Pilgrims.  The last one volunteered today, and now we're set.  I've enjoyed the painting in my own home where I read in the mornings.  To glance over at Jesus' face during prayer was quite an experience.  Thoughts of the song "I Can Only Imagine" came to mind as to "what it would be like" to literally see His face.  Oh, when that day comes, I'll be so happy!  The veil will be lifted literally.  Who know the hour?  The tour continues! Congratulations to these wonderful people who have been called to this experience!  May God bless you as He reveals a little more of Himself to you through this painting.  This painting that was done for this purpose that He put on my heart to do.  I wish you all the best.

  1. Angela & David McKenzie, Athens, AL
  2. Kelly Cain, Athens, AL
  3. Jan Jeffreys, Athens, AL
  4. Tina Swindell, Athens, AL
  5. DeAnna McNeill, Athens, AL
  6. Jennifer Morrison, Athens, AL
  7. Allison Caputo, Huntsville, AL
  8. Julie Haught, Huntsville, AL
  9. Sabrina Query, Zurich, Switzerland
  10. Starr DeGraffenried, Athens, AL
  11. Karen Smith, Huntsville, AL
  12. Melissa Wright, Athens, AL
  13. Lisa Wallace, Florence, AL
  14. Andrea Pope, Huntsville, AL
  15. Regina Wood, Athens, AL
  16. Cathie Mayne, Huntsville, AL
  17. Carroll Lane Parsons, Columbus, MS
  18. Glinda Clardy, Huntsville, AL
  19. Dara Barwick, Boston, GA
  20. Claire Kayser, St. Paul, MN


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