Friday, August 14, 2009

Time With Claire

My twin sister is one of the Pilgrims who wished to participate in having Facing Jesus in St. Paul, MN.  That's the farthest it's been yet.  Read about her experience:

I have loved having this Jesus painting around me in my daily living the last 2 weeks!  It is a constant reminder of his presence with us at all times even in the mundane of our daily living.  This image of him is so moving with a hint of his crown of thorns and the intensity portrayed in his gentle eyes.  My family has relished in having the painting in the kitchen most of the two weeks.  I took it outside and propped it on the porch ledge in front of me while having my quiet time and devotion each morning. Somehow, it made Jesus feel even more real to me!  Thanks, Carole, for starting this wonderful ministry that we can each share in and pass this great painting on to the next person giving us all a feeling of connectedness.  It's WONDERFUL!


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