Sunday, August 16, 2009

Words From Pilgrim Allison

I received this note from Allison on Friday--the last day of a trying and busy week. And though, I love this ministry, sometimes I forget about it until I receive a note like this, and I just felt so awesome knowing that "I' am still reaching out to people as my painting reaches its new destination every couple of weeks. That is how God works! Read Allison's account:

So I was having an especially trying day yesterday, lots on my mind; honestly while I looked pulled together and with it on the outside, I was anything but on the inside.

All day my mind had been racing, "what am I gonna do? how will I deal with all of this? Am I making the right decisions?" and so on...

All of this is still racing through my mind as I walk in at the end of the day and find a package from Minnesota. I look at the address and cannot figure out where it is from. Dad lives in Rochester but this is a St. Paul address and as far as I can remember all my friends and family no longer live in that area. Who on earth can this be from? And what is it???

Upon opening the package I discover I do have a friend in St. Paul and I have recieve the answers to all my questions that have been racing through my head that day.

You know "what I am gonna do?" I am gonna pray about it and put in all in God's hands.


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