Thursday, April 2, 2009

Facing Jesus Tour Announced!

A Face of Jesus
(not "Facing Jesus")

Details of the Facing Jesus Tour will be announced April 5th, 2009 Palm Sunday with the "unveiling" here on the blog of the actual painting.  It will be size 8x8 on canvas.
"Facing Jesus" will be shipped to arrive at first Recipient’s address by April 12th, 2009 Easter Sunday.  Details of the Tour will be featured on Facing Jesus Blog ( will be updated as much as possible or at least weekly.  "Facing Jesus" will be auctioned at the end of the Tour--only to the Pilgrim Group!

While in the possession of each Pilgrim:

The painting is yours for 14 days to enjoy and be a ministry to you. I look forward to reading what the painting meant to you in 150 words or less. This paragraph should be submitted by email within 1 week of releasing the painting to the next Pilgrim. I will want to see a couple of photographs of the painting in your environment and want to have you email them so that I may use them on the Facing Jesus Blog. Each Pilgrim will be allowed to sign his/her name on the back of the painting. When your time with the painting is up, you will ship it to the next Pilgrim, sharing in the ministry and furthering it on to others who wish to feel Jesus’ presence more fully!

At the end of the Facing Jesus Tour, the painting with every Pilgrim's signature will go up for auction among the Pilgrim group and be awarded to the highest bidder where the painting will be that Pilgrim's forever!

 Pilgrim Agreement:
  • Must agree to all terms of the Tour
  • Must give your Name and Town/State/Country
  • Must not alter, change, add to, damage painting in any way.
  • Must write a short paragraph about experience having the painting for 14 days and submit it to by the 21st day of receiving it.
  • Must photograph the painting in it’s environment and submit it via email by the 15th day of receiving it.
  • Must add signature to the back of the painting.
  • Must agree to pay for and ship the painting to the next recipient. Approximate cost in U.S. dollars: $10
  • Must ship the painting by the 15th day.
  • Must notify Carole immediately with notification that any part of this agreement cannot be met.
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  1. What a great idea! I would love to do this and have the painting on display in my office at the courthouse. I know it will help reaffirm that I need to show Jesus through me to the people I encounter at work. It would also be interesting to see how people will react to the painting being in a government office. You inspire me girl!

  2. I'm inspired too Carole. I want to hang it in my bedroom in a blank spot that I've been pondering about what to hang there. It will be the first thing I see when I wake up and before I go to sleep. I also want to paint His face and see what my version looks like. I've never attempted that. You are so original and creative. Thanks for being my SISTER!