Friday, April 10, 2009

Pilgrim List!

Oh, I am so excited about the Facing Jesus Painting Tour! So far, I have 11 Pilgrims who have agreed to take part. I will take up to 20, so keep that in mind and let me know if YOU would like to be one. The list so far includes these awesome people:

Kelly Cain, Athens, AL
Claire Kayser, St. Paul, MN
Jan Jeffreys, Athens, AL
Tina Swindell, Athens, AL
DeAnna McNeill, Athens, AL
Jennifer Morrison, Athens, AL
Allison Caputo, Huntsville, AL
Julie Haught, Huntsville, AL
Sabrina Query, Zurich, Switzerland
Starr DeGraffenried, Athens, AL
Karen Smith, Huntsville, AL
Melissa Wright, Athens, AL
Lisa Wallace, Florence, AL


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